Hi there, nice to see you! Since quite some time now I have this GitHub page but it is very ugly and not very informative. So it called for a change. And because I was already thinking about my own jekyll theme for all my GitHub pages I think it isn’t the worst when I start with this one.

What can be expected?

Well, on this page I would like to write about my latest coding activities, why I created a new repository, the latest update of a project, filed an issue or something like that. Maybe I can get someones attention. If not this should serve as a personal coding journal. Therefor will be a blog section on the upper part of the page and on the bottom part I would like to use the GitHub API to generate an activity list, where you can see what I have pushed/starred/filed/etc.

So, I am pretty excited what this will be. If you like it or not, please don’t hesitate and drop me a line by using one of the contact options in the footer section.

Bye bye,